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JWC Resources provides strategic policy, regulatory compliance, public relations, crisis management, technical expertise, project management, and litigation advice to public and private sector clients concerning a wide variety of fields.

Our principles have extensive knowledge and expertise, suited to fit your needs.

At JWC, many of our clients specialize in the energy industry.

The energy sector is in the midst of transformational change. Emerging technologies and societal demand promise to reshape not only the energy we use, but also how we use it. JWC helps our clients to deploy and integrate renewable energy, energy storage, and other emerging technologies; to understand the potential of Smart Grid; and to address consumer and regulatory demands.

In the midst of these changes, energy industry players are looking for ways to strengthen their enterprises to increase performance, opportunity, and growth. To help clients across the energy spectrum achieve these goals, our experts deliver an extensive understanding of regulatory processes, pricing, supply-and-demand dynamics, market design, fuel sourcing, financing, technologies and operations.

Our energy consulting services are designed to benefit owners, manufacturers, regulators, and investors as we help them minimize risk and optimize performance in this critical, complex, and ever-evolving industry.