Making Infrastructure Great Again

“This will be a big week for Infrastructure” President Donald Trump stated via Twitter, and in traditional Trump fashion, his proposal was met with both applause and groans. The White House’s fifty-three page proposal titled, “Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America” has been touted as one of the largest infrastructure development plan ever launched. The plan is simple: spend $200 billion dollars over the next ten years to stimulate $1.5 trillion in total new investments over the same period.

The Numbers:

  • $100 billion for Incentive Programs;
  • $50 billion for Rural Infrastructure;
  • $20 billion for Transformative Projects Program;
  • $20 billion to Expanding Infrastructure Financing Programs ($14 billion to expand existing Credit programs; $6 billion to expand existing Private Activity Bonds); and
  • $10 billion to a New Federal Capital Revolving Fund.


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