Chuck Hahn

Strategic Partner

San Francisco

Phone : 415.795.8020

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Chuck Hahn is the founder of West Coast Campaign Management. He currently works as a consultant and helps coach new legislatures and leadership offices on the strategies and techniques needed to establish their legislative agendas and offices. Hahn also spends his time in Southlake, Texas, as a public affairs consultant for voter registration organizations and several elected officials.

Prior to starting West Coast Campaign Management, Hahn worked as a dedicated and skilled conservative leader and political strategist in California. With nearly two decades of experience at every level in government, Hahn is well-versed in campaign management, strategic planning, and the implementation of successful management systems.

Hahn also has a long history of public service and has worked for governors, legislatures, and state agencies. He has also served as California’s Chief Assistant Secretary of State where he was responsible for directing an agency with more than 400 state employees. Hahn was also Chief of Staff to California State Senate Republican leader, Dave Cogdill and served as the director of the Assembly Minority Office of Member Services under Kevin McCarthy. While working with Cogdill, Hahn developed and oversaw the successful strategic plan of operations for the six-year state assembly term. He was also in charge of balancing ten yearly budgets of more than $1 million.

While in California, Hahn worked to restructure the state’s Republican Party operation. He has also served as the Interim Chief Operating Officer and Political Operations Director of the state’s Republican Party. While working as the interim COO, Hahn managed all facets of the fundraising, communications, technology, community relations, financial affairs, and compliance operations. He also has experience directing and supervising public relations staffs and implementing effective media relations campaigns. Hahn is also experienced in training these employees to serve constituents at a higher and more effective level.

Raised in Healdsburg, California, Hahn graduated from California State University – Sacramento with degrees in government and economics.