Jack Wiersma

Research and Development Director


Phone : 214.296.4857

Email : jwiersma@nouveaucorp.com

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Jack Wiersma is an international business entrepreneur consultant with more than 40 years of executive and consultancy experience.

He has authored twelve U.S. Patents, six international patents, and numerous trademarks in the Bio-technology, Nutraceutical, Biotech, Polymer, and Technology fields.

He currently serves as the head of Nouveau’s international business and technology development services.

He also served as the Executive Vice President of the Pro-Am International Community Agency in East Africa. He was responsible for managing all financial activities related to international trade and coordinating the importation of raw materials and food from the U.S. and Europe. Wiersma also secured international trade representative agreements with five major U.S. corporations.

Wiersma served as the Vice President and Director of Agricultural sales for Perma Guard Corporation and single-handedly generated $2 million in product sales. The following year, as an area sales manager for L. Teweles Seed Company, he trained and supervised three sales personnel and 240 dealers to increase territorial sales by nearly 300 percent.

In 1980, he became the Vice President and Marketing Director for International Diatoms Industries, a pesticide manufacturing firm. Wiersma oversaw all marketing activities, including the hiring, training and supervision of 20 administrative and distribution employees. During his tenure with the company, he helped develop a patented process for economical food waste recovery. He was also responsible for the development of a new insecticide product and helped initiate the direct importation of Pyrethrin (an organic pesticide) from East Africa.

Wiersma attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is also the former chairman of the Lions Club, a former consultant for the Solid Fuel Advisory Council of the U.S. and a planning commissioner in Kentwood, Michigan.