Between the Lines: November 22

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The Unintentional Costs of Environmentalism: It’s easy to be ‘bamboozled’

In the sales pitch of environmentalism, we boil everything down into manageable sound bites, and in some cases, the end results are completely unintentional.

For instance, Bamboo has become a ubiquitous ingredient recently. You can buy bamboo flooring, dishes, paper, you name it. One reason bamboo has become so popular, is it’s an easily renewable source, and therefore easy on the environment.

Transportation Sec. LaHood Tours Site Of PG&E Gas Explosion

ConocoPhillips CEO calls for removing crude oil export ban

The United States holds 17 percent of the 345 billion barrels of technically recoverable shale oil resources, Lance said. Refining the lighter crude overseas would be more economic for domestic consumers, because it would be cheaper to use existing refineries overseas than to make the capital investments to refine the increased production domestically.

“It will ultimately give the consumer cheaper prices at the pump,” Lance said. “I accept that it is going to be pretty hard climb in D.C., but we need to start making the case for the economic benefits.”

‘Clean tech’ institute planned

Twenty-five participants will be selected for the program, which will launch next summer. Tuition is $5,000.

The $400,000 will come from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, which is funded by fees on utility bills.

The program is looking for people with management experience, small business owners or students looking to start their own companies.

George W. Bush on Keystone pipeline: ‘Build the damn thing’

“So what should a concerned administration do? If private sector growth is the goal and Keystone pipeline creates 20,000 new private sector jobs,” he said. “Build the damned thing.” The Keystone pipeline has been an Obama administration thorn for more than two years. Predicted to provide thousands of jobs, the project has nonetheless sent environmentalists into a tizzy.

10 ways to get to your gate faster

Don’t check a bag – Nothing’s a bigger waste of time at the airport than checking a bag (especially if you have to transfer in a new country and must collect and recheck your suitcase yourself). Save some time by going carry-on only.

Invest in a quality carry-on suitcase – Upgrading to a well-made carry-on suitcase can help you speed to your gate faster. Go for one with smooth wheels that won’t trip you up as you zigzag through crowds on your way from checkpoint to departure.

States Test Fracking Regulations

States with a high interest in the oil and gas industries are stepping up their attempts to regulate the drilling process. The aim, in all cases, is to minimize environmental fears while creating jobs and wealth. Colorado, for example, is the latest test case, although some communities there are opposed to gas drilling.

The state has joined others such as California, Illinois and Pennsylvania in its attempt to oversee the hydraulic fracturing process used to break free the oil and gas from the rocks where they are sealed far beneath the earth’s surface. As for Colorado, it will use infrared cameras to detects leaks in its pipeline system, which is costly but which is needed to ensure local communities that they are safe. The oil and gas industry estimates that 110,000 jobs there are tied to those pursuits.

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