EPA report proves fracking does not pollute drinking water

A new study by the Environmental Protection Agency is disproving claims that fracking is contaminating drinking water in a small Pennsylvania town. Dimock, Pennsylvania gained national attention after drilling opponents accused energy companies of polluting their water. However, the EPA report says fracking does not pollute the water, and the traces of chemicals found in the town’s water occur naturally.

The agency tested 61 homes in the area and found the cloudy, foul-smelling water hosted small amounts of methane, chromium and sodium, but the levels were not high enough to be harmful. The particles were also not blamed on fracking.

Residents, however, insist the EPA is wrong, and the water has become contaminated as a result of drilling. The Houston-based Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. was accused of polluting a town aquifer, but says the EPA report proves the water they use is not polluted and does not pose a health risk to residents.

Since fracking soared in popularity, shale gas has unlocked billions of dollars in revenue, leading to a boom in productions, jobs and profits.

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