New study reveals similarities between dilbit and crude

New research from the National Academies of Science reveals diluted bitumen, or dilbit), from Alberta’s oil sands is so similar to the heavy crude being pumped through U.S. pipelines it is unlikely to cause corrosion problems. Researchers say one processed, dilbit is made of the same components as oil.


Tariff specification’s from the U.S> Federal Regulatory Commission limit impurities from crude oil to less than 0.5 percent. However, scientists now say it’s nearly the same as crude oil in Canada.


Those opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline worry the system may become corroded and have serious environmental implications. Research, however, shows in the last 10 years, only nine corrosion incidents have been reported in pipelines.


New pipelines designs and manufacturing techniques are expected to be implemented in the coming years that will better protect pipelines from corrosion.



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