Paper Calls for Integrated European Market

Washington, D.C. In light of growing instability with Russia and the European energy markets, a forthcoming paper titled, “European Energy (Dis)Union: Is Europe Truly Unified?” will uncover the problem of a divided European energy market and propose several solutions to unify the network.

A recent article published by the European Energy Review, highlighted the upcoming paper and featured author, Brigham McCown, current Chairman and CEO of US-based advisory firm, Nouveau, Inc.

The paper will cover the challenges and opportunities in Europe’s emerging energy market and provide policy recommendations for future progress in European energy and infrastructure systems.

Both the article and paper previews Mr. McCown’s trip to Warsaw, Poland next week to speak at and attend the Warsaw Security Forum. The Forum consists of numerous policy sessions dedicated to security issues, particularly those related to European topics and integrating these issues into a broader, international discussion.

McCown is a featured speaker at the New Security Leaders (NSL) program, in conjunction with the Warsaw Security Forum. The NSL program gathers a curated group of rising political, academic, and corporate leaders for in-depth discussions on how to best utilize their resources to solve 21st century problems.

To learn more about Mr. McCown’s trip to Poland, follow him on Twitter at @BAMcCown and to find out more about the forthcoming report, “European Energy (Dis)Union: Is Europe Truly Unified?”, contact Ashley VanBuskirk at

Nouveau, Inc. is a U.S.-based advisory firm focused in energy, transportation, and security services to both private and public organizations.


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